Fall Ayurvedic Detox Cleanse

Dates now open Sep-Nov 2021 >> Sign up by Jul 31 to receive 15% off

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About this offering:

Cleanse with a partner, a friend, a family member, or just yourself. Dates are now open for the fall of 2021. Sign up by July 31 and receive 15% off. Email oana.lansman@gmail.com to reserve your spot. What people are saying: "Oana’s guided Ayurvedic cleanse was transformational for my mind, body and spirit. It was beautifully structured and I enjoyed the recipes, rituals and the group check-ins with meditations. I was grateful that the schedule, instructions, information and recipes that she provided made it easy to follow along with the cleanse protocol. The best part was the loving one-on-one support Oana provided on a daily basis. " "Oana was incredibly supportive throughout, providing two meetings to open and close the week, yoga nidra, meditation and daily check ins. At every step I felt like she was attentive to my particular needs and adapted things accordingly where necessary. Ultimately, it is a week of self-discovery, rest and learning about natural ways to support our bodies and emotional wellbeing. I experienced it to be a fabulous opportunity to just pause and reset in these turbulent times." About the cleanse: Our bodies and minds detox naturally, every single day. Now, more than ever, we must maximize our detoxification pathways because of the increasing toxicity of the world we live in. Cleansing is considered an essential element of seasonal routines in Ayurveda and fall is the optimum time for it. According to Ayurveda dis-ease (“not at ease”) often starts with poor diet, unhealthy life style, negative emotions. When we are under stress our body stores fat and, with it, it stores fat-soluble toxins, chemicals, pollutants and negative emotions. The presence of toxins can be felt as fatigue, feeling of heaviness, digestive problems, stiffness in the body, or mental confusion. This cleanse will reset your body’s natural ability to be a better fat burner. It will help detox and nourish your lymphatic system, which in turn is responsible for draining the wastes from your body and regulating your immune system. To reserve your spot email: oana.lansman@gmail.com Venmo: Oana-StefanescuLansman PayPal: paypal.me/maketimeprecious

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