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“Oana is a passionate, talented, creative, and inspiring teacher. She has a dedicated practice herself and is a keen student of the art of yoga and meditation. Her classes are beautifully orchestrated.

It is abundantly clear that Oana is thoroughly dedicated and devoted to sharing her knowledge, tools and techniques with her students that inspire and enrich our lives. Oana is a beloved teacher and guide. Every meditation, posture, and breath work practice come from her heart and speak to each of us in some way which is powerful and precious.”

~ Alison W.


"While I have been encouraged many times to start mediating, only after being introduced to Oana's classes did I commit to the practice in earnest.

I think the change in my mindset has come from the enjoyment and progress which I have experienced with her as “my guide.”

Yoga has been a true game changer for me. It has allowed me to tap into enhanced clarity, focus and calmness in everyday life. Issues which previously caused me anxiety or anger are now manageable by focusing on my breath. The ability to tap into the power that resides in me is powerful and life changing. 

One of the passions is car racing. Over time, I found that I drive my best when I am able to get myself into the moment and focus on nothing else except driving. Through practice I have come to learn that the presence of mind which I seek to achieve while driving is the same feeling I have whenever I mediate! 

Early on Oana told me that instead of “chasing after the world, focus on having the world come to me.” More and more, I put that advice into application and I am happily enjoying where it’s leading me." 


~ Peter H.

"I had no idea what to expect with Ayurveda but I knew I wanted to be sure I was making the best choices for my body and health. Oana was a wonderful educator, providing just the right amount of information for context but not overwhelming me.  I appreciated that she gave me several suggested changes in my diet and lifestyle habits and recommended I try adopting a few so I could incorporate what resonated most for me.  She was always available for questions and I felt very supported in my efforts.

Following my experience there are several new habits I have adopted into my daily life that I have really seen positive benefits from.  


Whether you are experiencing health issues or just want to support your overall wellness, engaging Oana to bring Ayurveda into your life is well worth it."

~ Tami A.

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