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Fall Ayurvedic Detox Cleanse at Home

November 1-7 (small group cleanse) Additional dates available Oct/Nov

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About this offering:

Cleanse with a partner, a friend, a family member, or just yourself. NEW THIS SEASON: *** optional 3-day liver & gallbladder flush can be incorporated in your week-long cleanse. *** new/super easy recipes. *** natural remedies for enhanced support. Fall is a time of transition from the summer heat to the cooler seasons. According to Ayurveda we tend to accumulate heat in our tissues during the summer—that is the fiery pitta dosha. As the leaves dry up and the wind begins to blow, vata dosha begins to take over—the one governed by air and marked by change, instability, and anxiety. Metaphorically speaking, what happens when you add random blasts of air to a fire? It burns even brighter. When the accumulated heat of pitta is fanned by vata, it can lead to mental and physical burnout, stressing our adrenals and nervous system and putting the body's natural detoxification processes on hold. This is an ideal time to detox from the accumulated summer heat and pacify the "inner winds" of your mind and body. It is also an ideal time to nourish in preparation for winter and to clean your body of accumulated toxins. The cleanse will help improve your digestion, reduce gas and bloating, help with aches and pains, boost your immune system, and it will nourish and calm the mind by creating a sense of ease and stability. Email to reserve your spot/inquire about different dates. $185 new clients / $165 returning clients Venmo: Oana-StefanescuLansman (preferred) PayPal: WHAT PEOPLE ARE SAYING: "Oana’s guided Ayurvedic cleanse was transformational for my mind, body and spirit. It was beautifully structured and I enjoyed the recipes, rituals and the group check-ins with meditations. I was grateful that the schedule, instructions, information and recipes that she provided made it easy to follow along with the cleanse protocol. The best part was the loving one-on-one support Oana provided on a daily basis. " "Oana was incredibly supportive throughout, providing two meetings to open and close the week, yoga nidra, meditation and daily check ins. At every step I felt like she was attentive to my particular needs and adapted things accordingly where necessary. Ultimately, it is a week of self-discovery, rest and learning about natural ways to support our bodies and emotional wellbeing. I experienced it to be a fabulous opportunity to just pause and reset in these turbulent times."

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