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Metta: A Practice of Loving-Kindness

“Love doesn't owe me. I owe everything to love."

Initially taught by the Buddha, the practice of Loving-Kindness (Metta) is a way to develop impartial and unconditional love. Similar practices exist in most ancient spiritual disciplines.

With Metta, feelings of loving-kindness are cultivated using visualization and affirmations. The practice begins with oneself because without loving yourself it is almost impossible to love others.When the sense of self lovingkindness grows the practitioner begins to gradually extend the good wishes to others.


Practiced consistently over a period of time, Metta is reported to reduce irritation, anger and hatred, while improving patience and the ability to forgive.


In this short recording I will guide you through a version of Metta Meditation inspired by teachers Jack Kornfield and Diana Christinson.

Metta Loving-Kindness Meditation

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