Ayurvedic Hacks: Help Soothe and Moisten the Throat and the Lungs

May we never again take one single breath for granted.

The air has been thick with wildfire smoke here in Northern California. Today I went to my Ayurvedic books for uplift and inspiration.

Here’s a simple Ayurvedic remedy that we can make at home to help support our overstressed respiratory system.

Slice a few pears (the more, the better).

Add fresh ginger, a few diced dates, some star anise, a cinnamon stick. I was out of dates (what?!?!) and used a bit of maple syrup instead.

Bring to a boil, then cover and let it simmer for 10-15min.

Half way through can add organic licorice root (I used a tea bag). Can also add fresh lemon juice at the end.

Eat the pears and drink the juice throughout the day. I like to drink it hot. It’s delicious!

May we all breathe easy soon 🧡

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